Friday, November 9, 2012

Mz SupaThyck Head 101

What can I say?? One of my turned-up moments. There is a skill to sucking dick and I have perfected it. With or without hands, Wet or Sloppy, All throat or just a little tongue I AM THE MASTER AT SUCKING DICK. SUPAHEAD HAS NOTHING ON ME. LOL!!  CLICK ON VIDEO AND SEE FOR YOURSELF

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Wednesday, October 31, 2012

The Greatest FUCK!!

She rolls across the bed, her soft skin sliding around the silk sheets.
His hands finds her soft firm breast and he squeeze firmly. A soft moan escape her juicy lips.

Please take me she moans, He answer in due time my love.

The night air blows across her skin causing goose bumps. 
He kisses her neck and sinks his teeth into her flesh.
The cold metal from the handcuffs grips her wrist,
She pulls on the restraints and groans.

Her pussy grows wetter with the touch of his large warm hands.
The bed sways as his body moves in time with hers
It squeaks under their weight as the two connect their bodies as one.

His world collides with hers as she wiggles out of control,
The sensations is becoming more than each can handle.

Her back arch and teeth clench, The pussy is so AMAZING,
he cannot believe she is REAL.
Flushed faces and sweaty skin is what each other see when they look at one another.

He pushes and she pulls tighter wanting everything he has and more.


Her eyes finds his and screams echos throughout the room,
She can not take it anymore. She's about to EXPLODE.

His mind races away, his body emptying his everything in her WARM WET PUSSY.

The wind blows inside the HOT STEAMY ROOM and the both sighs from the NUT they both just had.